Jenny’s 31 Days of Halloween! – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Welcome to my 31 Days of Halloween! Each day in October I will be watching a Halloween(ish) movie which includes anything that helps get me into the spooktacular mood of the season. While watching each movie, I’ll record my inner ramblings for everyone to view. This is a true baring of my soul people! Just kidding, it’s not – but it will be a true honest-to-god reaction to everything I’m seeing. So if “inner monologue” articles are not your thing – maybe you pass this up. For those of you sticking with me, the genre I’ll be watching will revolve around Halloween themes, including (but not limited to): Thrillers, Horror, Suspense, and of course Disney Classics! So buckle up campers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!



So, one day I was sitting at work asking for recommendations in regards to this project. I asked Twitter, I asked the Gabbing Geek crew, and everyone gave me a list of their favorites. And then I turned and asked one of my best friends what she watches every year, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is what she suggested…grinning like a child who had just gotten ice cream for free. 

When I saw my friend’s face, immediately I Googled this movie. In the back of my mind I thought, “what the hell is she up to.” And one look at the movie poster and I knew…this wasn’t a scary movie at all! COUNT ME IN!

Girl – you always got my back. 

Anyway – so tonight’s the night I finally sat down and watched this hillbilly monstrosity. And boy-oh-boy was it glorious! 

I want to take a moment here and talk to Jimmy and Tom (two lovely writers for this website). Fellas – listen, I know you have some weird love for Army of Darkness (along with the rest of the world apparently). But I’ll tell you what – this movie was 100 times better. Sure, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is silly, it’s ridiculous, but it’s actually funny. Unlike Army of Darkness is more of an uncomfortable silence that you have to laugh at, because shit…there’s nothing else to do. 


I loved that they turned a seemingly innocent pair of friends into cold hard killers, without them actually being COLD HARD KILLERS. I loved that the college kids were idiots, because they are. I loved that all the tropes for each “horror” movie kill was represented. I love that popular guy in the end died a painful and choking death. I love that Dale went bowling with the popular pretty girl. It’s all asinine! All of it – the whole damn movie is dumb –  but … it’s funny. 

Additionally, the movie has Alan Tudyk in it! WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME!? Actually, that’s on me, I should have paid attention when I was first looking this movie up on IMDB. But seriously, like Bruce Campbell – Alan Tudyk is a gem, and makes any movie worth watching. So for me, this was a another win point for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. 

So, all in all – despite the blood, the horror kill scenes, and the overly apparent tropes; this was still a fun and entertaining movie. I give Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 8.5 Finger Sandwiches out of 10!


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