Orphan Black “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”

Helena promised to kill everyone at the mysterious base that’s holding her.

Why does no one listen when she says things like that since she is completely capable of doing such things?

I get it.  Nobody expects the locked up psycho to follow through, not even that Dr. Coady person, who the Castors seem to call “mom” and who isn’t happy Seth killed Rudy even as an act of euthanasia.  Paul is getting heat for this too, but since he has to go deal with someone higher up the chain of command, that means sending Seth out in the field again to find Mark.

Also looking for Mark are Sarah and Art.  Art knows Helena got loose, and Sarah suspects Mark knows where Helena went.  Those two head out of town while Felix is making some calls to dispose of Rudy’s body from his bathtub.  That means Cosima and Scott.  That means, well, looking at Rudy’s brain and making a most interesting discovery:  the Castors are biological brothers to the Ledas.  Cosima is…too good at this.

Sarah might be able to use that.

As for Mark and Gracie, well, they’re still on the run, but Art knows who the Prolethean midwife is, and she can tell them where Mark and Gracie went.  That same midwife will then tell Gracie’s mother Bonnie.  Sarah finds Gracie by dumb luck in a diner, and from her gets some information on Mark’s whereabouts.  Mark needs that tissue sample Ethan supposedly left behind, and the guy who might have it was holding out.  His interrogation methods cause a fatal heart attack, but Sarah does find him and confronts him about the whole “brothers and sisters” thing before asking where Helena is.  But then someone else shows up.  It’s Bonnie!  And she shoots Mark!

Sarah needs to hide.

In other clone news, Alison’s drug business seems to be going well while Rachel is recovering from her brain trauma.  Rachel might be more trouble again…

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