Doctor Who “The Plague”

So, yeah, can the Doctor do actual medical work?

That’s hard to say.  Dodo’s cold is spreading throughout the Ark, killing Monoids and then one of the humans, causing the reactionary Manyak to put them on trial while the Commander is sick.  Steven tries to defend them in court, but he came down with Dodo’s cold too, and it must be a bad one for anyone not named Dodo.

Meanwhile, I still don’t know where she even came from.

As it is, the Commander is healthy enough to order the Doctor be given a chance to cure everybody, and that means masks for the healthy and a trip back to the TARDIS for supplies, keeping all the sick wrapped up tight despite their fevers and…the Doctor finds a cure.  So, that was a good thing.

Well, everyone likes the time travelers now, and after watching the destruction of what was the planet Earth, the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo board the TARDIS for whatever random destination they go to next.

And they don’t seem to go anywhere.  They pop up right back on the Ark.  That’s odd.  Were they only gone a few seconds?


In fact, they were gone far longer since that giant statue was finished.  It was supposed to show a human and represent humanity’s accomplishments.

Instead, it’s of a Monoid.

Um, I think things changed in rather unexpected ways…


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