Comic Review: Divinity II

The first Divinity mini-series from Valiant told the story of a Soviet Cosmonaut named Abram Adams who went out to deepest space and returned decades later with reality-warping, godlike powers.  However, he wasn’t flying out there alone.

In Divinity II, the second one comes home.

Three Cosmonauts went into deep space on a thirty year mission.  Something went wrong and they stayed longer.  One returned, looking to have a more private, personal experience building some sort of Garden of Eden type place in the middle of the Australian Outback, granting every human in the vicinity his or her heart’s desire.  The Valiant all-star team of Unity tried to stop him by putting him into a containment unit, but he probably put himself there more than anything else.

But Abram was the easy one.  He wasn’t interested in remaking the Soviet Union in the present day.  Myshka, the lone woman on the mission, is another story.  Raised from childhood after a true believer type doctor found her as an orphan on the street, Myshka’s first stop upon returning to Earth is Vladimir Putin’s office to offer her services.  Seeing as how Russia is suddenly flush with gold, Unity evaluates the situation to determine that there is the only way to stop her from warping time, space, and reality to something that would make Russia the world’s only superpower.  The answer?  Divinity (Abram) would have to stop her.  Fortunately, he came to that conclusion on his own already and showed up to help.

Writer Matt Kindt has done a lot of work for Valiant, and he has a good grasp for the universe and its characters.  I wasn’t all that crazy about Trevor Hairsine’s artwork, but the story works.  Like all Valiant books, it’s too short at only four issues, but it does end ominously enough for a very simple reason.

There’s still another Cosmonaut.

8.5 out of 10 moments of advice to Stalin.


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