Geek Review: A Star Is Born

I’ve seen the trailer for the latest version of A Star Is Born, and it didn’t impress me.  It looked like a mass of cliches and caused me to ask too many questions.  Did we need yet another remake of A Star Is Born?  Bradley Cooper can certainly act, but can he direct?  Lady Gaga can sing, but can she act?

Well, I changed my mind and went to see it anyway.

Cooper stars as Jackson Maine, a superstar country rock star with the standard self-destructive behavior we’ve come to associate with far too many superstar musicians.  On a whim, he stops at a random bar in time to hear Ally (Gaga), the lone female performer in a drag queen review.  Ally is herself an incredibly talented singer and songwriter held back largely by a self-image problem.  Jackson takes Ally under his wing, the two fall in love, and her star begins to rise as promised by the title.

So, here’s the thing:  this was basically an old story artfully retold.  Maybe Cooper chose to make a remake of a story that already has three earlier versions, but he actually did a good job here, both in front of and behind the camera.  As for Lady Gaga, yeah, the woman can act, earning her spot of top billing even over Cooper in the credits.  Is it an original story?  No.  Is that a problem here?  No.  It’s still a hell of a good ride.  9.5 out of 10 unshed tears.


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