American Horror Story “The Origins Of Monstrosity”

OK, well, this episode shows it is not a good time to be a mental patient in a hospital where the head doctor is an ex-Nazi.

Yes, how did Dr. Arden get hired by Briarcliff anyway?  Well, the hospital had been a tuberculous ward before, he worked there, and when Monsignor Tim came for a tour, the two met and hit it off.  Arden’s theories about some sort of gene therapy to make a person resistant to the disease appeals to the priest, so Arden gets to stay on for now.

Then Monsignor Tim comes to a regular hospital to administer Last Rites and realizes the poor woman dying of TB in front of him is Shelley, and after a mercy strangling to keep her quiet and end her suffering, off to Briarcliff he goes to see Arden.

And while all this is going on, Thredson is explaining the Bloody Face thing to Lana, seeing as how he once overheard Lana say something about lost mother figures for the killer.  That turned out to be more correct than she knew, as Thredson does, like a good little psychopath, have an issue with an abandoned mother.  His disappeared when he was young, and he’s taken a liking to women who were about that age when he was in human anatomy class.  As the women were dead, and the smell of formaldehyde is a apparently a bit of a turn off, Thredson now he makes his own corpses, and of course Lana will write that story for him.  And she can somewhat stay out of trouble even as she tries to escape by mothering the guy.

Briarcliff, meanwhile, is turning into blackmail central.  Father Tim finds another disfigured patient in Arden’s lab, but Arden blackmails the priest who probably knew full well what was going on into firing Sister Jude.  Father Tim does so, but she finds out that Nazi hunter is still investigating Arden and even manages to get a fingerprint of the mad scientist to help out before she goes.

Unfortunately, when she arrives the Nazi hunter’s place, he’s been stabbed pretty badly by someone he describes as another nun.

And that would be the demonically possessed Sister Mary who kept some of the Nazi file on Arden while telling him that she’s his cover.

Can the devil blackmail a Nazi?

That question is so this show.

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