The Handmaid’s Tale “The Last Ceremony”

See, I knew I shouldn’t feel too much sympathy for Serena Joy.

Why?  What did she do besides the usual talk of tossing Offred out of the house as soon as the baby is born?

She helped her husband rape Offred.


And it looks like it might have been her idea.

We’re supposed to pity this woman?

This isn’t the usual sort of rape we see in Gilead, You know, the one where everyone pretends to be OK with it because religion.  No, this is a “hold Offred down and have the Commander look like he enjoyed it.”

Why do this?  Serena Joy believes sex might make the baby come out faster.

What is wrong with these people?

And then Fred has this idea to let Offred see Hannah, now named Agnes, for ten minutes.  And that’s nice, but it doesn’t exactly make up for what happened earlier.

But Nick, see, he gets arrested after Hannah and her nanny leaves, possibly shot, but that mostly means a pregnant woman has been left alone in a house by herself in a country where they don’t let that sort of thing happen too often.

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