Orphan Black “Transitory Sacrifices Of Crisis”

I see that Helena’s captors are trying to test her with psyche evals that she doesn’t pay attention to and waterboarding that lasts until a woman named Dr. Coady tells them not to physically abuse the pregnant woman.

This is Helena we’re talking about.  Those guys are so gonna get it…

Meanwhile, back in the unnamed Toronto, we have other problems, and not just because Alison and Donnie decide the best way to get her onto the school board is to buy out her former dealer of his entire inventory and client list in order to get some canvassing done.  We’ve got Goofy Donnie back, and I like Goofy Donnie.

And I also don’t mean Cosima and Scott not being sure if they can trust that Dr. Nealon guy over her recovery.

No, the problem is still the Castor clones Seth and Rudy.  Seth isn’t doing well, and they’d be doing a lot better if they weren’t double-teaming women one would pick up because it turns out that gal wasn’t all that in for what she probably figured were identical twins.  That gets newly reinstated Art on the case because this is TV and a detective doesn’t just solve certain cases but any of them.  Castor clones seem to have a double-headed horse tattoo, but these two chuckleheads also take orders from Paul for…some reason.

Anyway, Art and Sarah are looking for them for different reasons.  Art wants to arrest them, and Sarah wants to keep Kira away from them while eventually finding Helena.  Sure, that means going back to the badly beaten Mrs. S, but…wait, why is Sarah so overprotective of Helena?  In the timeline of the show, it wasn’t that long ago when Helena and Sarah were trying to kill each other, was it?

Anyway, things go a bit bad, because while Cal tries to set up a more permanent home for Kira and Sarah in Unnamed Toronto, he’s followed by Paul, and then Seth and Rudy go looking around Felix’s loft.  Felix is out, but Sarah and Kira aren’t, and while Cal does what he can against Seth and Sarah does he best to convince Rudy that, no, she does not have the original tissue samples for either Castor or Leda, Seth starts having a bad seizure, Rudy accepts Sarah’s answer, and he puts Seth down to spare his clone brother the suffering.

That’s enough for Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S to accept that maybe Cal should take Kira to Iceland to live for a while.

Meanwhile, we see newliwed Mark is burning the double horse-head tattoo off his arm with a blowtorch while Gracie…I guess does not notice the smell of burning flesh?  Sure looks painful…

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