Comic Review: The Manhattan Projects Volume 3

In the world of the Image Comics series The Manhattan Projects, the men of the Manhattan Project are all different sorts of mad scientists who managed to take control of the world.

However, there may be some problems with the Projects most unstable member.

Two of the biggest mysteries of this series are why American physicist Harry Daghlian is an irradiated skeleton and why the cast list always refers to Enrico Fermi as “not human”.  This volume answers both of those questions while advancing plans to do…whatever they want to do in the name of science with their Soviet and Nazi partners and friends because, well, these men care more about science and maybe power than they do such things as national borders or political ideologies.

But if someone were to tell President Kennedy…

It seems one member of the Projects, the one who may be the least stable (and if you’ve been reading the series, you know exactly who I am referring to), is working towards his own agenda which is not that surprising in a series where everyone is already working in secrets towards his own agenda.  The big different here is this one fellow is working against the others, which would normally be a bad idea, but may be even worse for this particularly scientist.

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s series is just a lot of weird, warped fun.  It’s not what you might call historically accurate, but it is using real world scientists as B-movie mad scientists who shoot first and maybe ask questions later.  It’s just fun.  The only problem with Volume 3 is that it seems to be more of a bridge to other arcs as it is, particularly with the plot involving the talking dog.

Yes, there’s a talking dog.

8.5 out of 10 mental civil wars.

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