Comic Review: Locke & Key Head Games

Why did it take me so long to get to the second volume of the fascinating Locke & KeyThe first one rocked!

Well, here I am with the second volume, subtitled Head Games, and I am glad I got to it.

The Locke family continues to adjust to life in the Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.  Things seem to be going so-so all things being equal.  True, their mom is out of it in her grief, and Uncle Duncan has to leave to go back to work in another town, but oldest son Tyler has a good friend and seems to be making more at school.  Teenage daughter Kinsey found a teacher she liked.  And youngest son Bode is looking for more of the mysterious keys, magical keys whose effects are only noticeable for the most part by children.

There are a few problems the children are unaware of.  Ty’s friend isn’t who he claims to be, Kinsey’s teacher is murdered, and Bode’s latest key can do things to the human mind that can probably only cause more problems.  Sure, the kids think it’s cool, but Ty’s friend Zach has other ideas, and he knows a lot about the various keys already.  Plus, he doesn’t mind a little killing once in a while.

Joe Hill’s script keeps things moving along very nicely, stopping to give various characters old and new the sort of development to make most of them sympathetic (Zach being an obvious exception along with one or two others).  Hill manages tp pack a hell of a lot of worldbuilding, character growth, mythology, and plot advancement in just the six normal sized issues collected here.  I’m still not crazy about Gabriel Rodriguez as the artist for a horror series, but everything else worked out great.  9.5 out of 10 bad memories in a bottle.

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