Castle Rock “Severence”

Man, where the hell is the second half of the Vikings season?  Is it an actual second half, or will the next batch of episodes just be the next season?  This is frustrating.

Well, let’s go see what this Castle Rock thing.  Besides, one of the cast of Castle Rock has a brother on Vikings.

So, the basic idea behind Castle Rock is some kind of series set inside the universe of the works of Stephen King.  Many of King’s stories and novels were set in and around the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine.  Names repeat, and he references many of his works in other works.  Shawshank Prison features heavily in King’s work and in the series as it exists right now.  And hey, this series features both Carrie and Pennywise, so that’s something.

So, what happened?  Well, the longtime warden decided to commit suicide for no apparent reason.  Did he hang himself?  Drive his car off a cliff?  Jump into a lake to drown?

He did all three.  That’s some dedication to getting a task done right there.

But all this leads to a new warden, and that leads to an exploration of the prison.  And down there is some mystery prisoner not found on any records.  After a complete checkout, he says one thing:  the name of one Henry Deaver, a onetime resident of the town currently working as a defense attorney out in Texas.  Henry as a boy had disappeared for 11 days, and he claims he doesn’t really remember why.  His father (adopted) died in the search, and Henry was blamed for the death by the people of the town because this is the sort of small town where everybody knows everybody else, and that eventually drove Henry to leave town.  But now he’s back, and his senile mother Ruth is apparently carrying on with retired sheriff Alan Pangborn, and if Scott Glenn was never in a Stephen King work before, he should have been because he’s awesome.

So, while the new Warden of Shawshank seems intent to keep Henry out, and Henry doesn’t know why he was called, and the mysterious Kid seems to have killed a bunch of guards.

But one mystery is sort of solved.

Yes, before he died, the old Warden instructed the Kid to say Henry’s name after someone found him.

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