Doctor Who “Journey Into Terror”

I’ve seen enough Doctor Who to know that if it looks like something supernatural, it probably isn’t supernatural.

In this episode, the TARDIS stops for a bit in what looks like a haunted house.

Yes, it sure does look like a haunted house.  The men go one way, the women go another, and the women get spooked faster because this was made in the mid 60s.  But there seem to be ghosts, skeletons, bats on wires (seriously, I saw the wires), and of all things Frankenstein’s monster and Count Dracula.  The Doctor even gets a little spooked, but then he figures that the TARDIS must have stopped in some sort of manifestation of humanity’s worst fears which is why it looks like a classic haunted house.  And if they are in that sort of a place, Ian figures the Daleks can’t follow them.

But then the Daleks show up.

And when their blasters prove ineffective against the Gray Lady or Frankenstein, even the Daleks get spooked, especially after it looks like Frankenstein manages to break open the casings for two of them.  But then while the Daleks are going a little nuts, the humans make a break for the TARDIS…except for Vicki who decides she needs to warn Dracula.

Um, why?

As it is, Vicki manages to sneak onto the Dalek’s time machine, and we’ve seen in the past that it isn’t that hard to hide from a Dalek.

But once the others realize they left Vicki behind, what can they do?  Ian figures, if they can’t take the TARDIS back to a place where it’s already been, they can try to steal the Dalek’s time machine to go back for Vicki.

But Vicki isn’t in the haunted house, and she sees the Daleks’ next plan:  make a perfect robot double of the Doctor.


So, when the TARDIS lands on a swamp planet, the humans go to see about getting Vicki back.

But the Daleks have a plan of their own, and…

Well, it could get bad.

By the way, what was up with that haunted house?  Well, after the TARDIS and the Daleks leave, we see it was a haunted house exhibit for a World’s Fair, meaning all the monsters must have just been some kind of robot.  The place was closed for repair, but if Frankenstein was killing things, maybe they need to really fix them up a lot better.

And all that happened in the far-off year of…1996!!!


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