Comic Review: DC Rebirth Superman Volume 4

You know, I had five Superman-related trades in my unread stack.  I might as well have a SUPERMAN WEEK.

Let’s start with Volume 4 of the Rebirth Superman series subtitled Black Dawn.

Superman, Lois Lane, and their son Jonathan “Superboy” Kent have been living in the quiet farm town of Hamilton for a while, but there seems to be something not quite right about the place.  That comes to a head when Batman and Robin make a sudden appearance.  Batman has been looking into Jon’s DNA, and from what the Dark Knight figures, Jon should be a much more powerful superhuman than he is.  Something must be blocking Jon’s abilities.  Batman goes off to investigate and then doesn’t come back.

Yes, Hamilton has a secret, aimed at Superboy, with one of Superman’s longtime foes behind it all.

Creators Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason do a good father and son hero story, and given they used to work with Batman and the Damien Wayne Robin, any time those two come up to show a comparison in parenting styles between Bruce, Clark, and Lois adds an extra bit of fun.  I generally dig the Rebirth Superman stuff.  And, well, I’ve got more Superman Rebirth stuff for this week.  As for this one, 9 out of 10 decapitated monster heroes.

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