Gabbing Geek Manga Review: Fairy Tale Volume 2

When I reviewed Volume One of Fairy Tail, I said the whole thing was kinda weird.

Well, I’ve finished Volume 2, and it’s still kinda weird.

Volume 2 is divided roughly into the end of one story and the beginning of a new one.  The first has new Fairy Tail member Lucy traveling with reckless fire mage Natsu and Natsu’s talking cat Happy to retrieve and/or destroy a book for one billionaire from an even richer billionaire.  Bookworm Lucy is all over that one while Natsu and Happy…goof off and cause trouble.  After the rather humane and sweet conclusion to that story, the trio return to the guild house where missing member Erza, a woman of mammoth strength the others all fear insists Natsu and another wizard go along on a mission she doesn’t really say anything about.  Lucy tags along, and there’s a dark guild involved with an evil plan of its own.

Creator Hiro Mashima has a real winner here.  It’s a lot more accessible for someone like me with limited experience with manga, with a lot of goofy humor, often with exaggerated faces and slapstick, the sort of thing that works across language barriers.  And though the volume ends with a cliffhanger with few hints as to whether or not Natsu is just a regular wizard or something else, I’m on board for the ride for now.  9 out of 10 nobles who think Lucy is ugly.


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