Doctor Who “The Executioners”

Well, we got some real problems for the crew of the TARDIS this time, as the planet they’re on is full of hostile stuff and the Daleks found a way to follow the TARDIS.

But hey, it can’t be all bad.

Like, the Doctor got his new Time-Space Visualizer working, and that allows him to see anything in any point of time or space because vague scientific reason.  To demonstrate, the travelers watch Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address in what appears to be a barren desert with no witnesses.  Then we see Elizabeth I chat with Shakespeare and Francis Bacon about plays, with Elizabeth suggesting The Merry Wives of Windsor and Bacon sort of suggesting Hamlet.  Again, not many other people were present.

Anyhoo, the TARDIS lands on what looks like a desert planet with duel suns.  Vicki wants to go exploring, and Ian goes along.  The Doctor gives Ian a tracker for the TARDIS so the pair don’t get lost, and then Barbara and the Doctor, um, sunbathe?  Or something.  Point is, as Barbara and the Doctor are just hanging out, the Visualizer kicks in again and warns the time travelers that the Daleks perfected their own time machine and are coming for the Doctor and his companions.  That’s a bummer.

So, that means they have to find Vicki and Ian and get the hell out of there.

Problem the First:  Ian and Vicki found a trap door in the ground and more or less fall in.  And then some giant tentacled thing showed up.  On the one hand, this show isn’t Japanese, and you know what tentacles there can mean.  On the other, they’re still in danger from the looks of things.

Problem the Second:  As for Barbara and the Doctor, a sandstorm hits as they’re looking for Ian and Vicki, meaning they lost the TARDIS and Ian has the tracker.  So they’re lost on the surface.

Problem the Third:  There’s a Dalek emerging from the sand nearby too.


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