Orphan Black “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”

Here we are at the season two finale.  Who will save Kira from Dyad?  Or, uh, Sarah?  Or Cosima?

All I know is Helena consistently rescues herself, thank you very much.

What it comes down to is Sarah surrenders herself to get Kira out, and Rachel being Rachel isn’t really the type to let Kira go anyway.  Rachel needs her adopted father to give her the very complex code needed to unlock his genetics work, and he has it all in head, or so he claims.  Then as he sees what a cold, emotionless woman his daughter grew up to be, he pops some poison and kills himself.

That…does not go well.

So, who gets the women out?  Well, Cosima can come and go as she pleases, but she’s sick.  She can’t get into see Sarah, but what about Kira?  Yeah, she can do that, and she and her lab partner Scott can rig a weapon, using Kira to draw a picture to tell Sarah where it is in the operating room Dyad takes her to to extract one ovary.

Meanwhile, Kira manages to get a hand on a cell phone and calls Cal.  Cal goes to see Mrs. S, and once Felix has vouched for him, he lets the two of them know how he hacked Dyad to find out that Project Leda, which made all the clones, wasn’t the only such project.  There was also something called Project Castor.  Mrs. S may know about that, but she calls Paul and cuts a deal with…someone.

So, does Sarah need to be rescued?  Yes and no.  Sure, Helena manages to get back to Art’s place, but nah, Helena won’t be helping with the rescue.  Instead, when Rachel asks for time with Sarah before the ovary extraction, things seem to go bad.  Sure, Sarah got a picture from Kira, one that for some reason features a fire extinguisher, but the real problem is Rachel believes Sarah knows Ethan’s code.  Sarah does not.  Rachel retaliates by smashing the bone marrow needed to treat Cosima, and Kira couldn’t donate more for another six weeks anyway.

But then Sarah says she does have the code, lifts the fire extinguisher’s nozzle…and fires a pencil out of it, hitting Rachel in the eye and making her go down.

Sadly, I already know Rachel isn’t dead yet.  She deserves bad times, but becoming a more literal corporate pirate isn’t enough just yet.

But with Rachel down, Sarah can get out of the operating room, grab an ID, sneak off to find Kira and…not have to, because Rachel’s superior Marion Bowles (the always awesome Michelle Forbes) is already there to let both of them out thanks to Mrs. S.

All Marion asks for is a meeting the following day.

As it is, Art takes Helena to meet the other clones at Felix’s loft, and we get a dance sequence that is apparently how Tatiana Maslany got into character for each of the women.  The bluescreen is good but not perfect, and it helps that Felix moves around and interacts with all four at various points.  But hey, this isn’t a series finale.  We need some cliffhangers.  So, here goes.

Helena gets nabbed the next day by the military.  Paul returned, and Mrs. S made that deal knowing full well Sarah will never forgive her for it.

Runaway Proletheans Gracie and Mark get married.  That’s sweet.

Kira hands Cosima Ethan’s copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau, and that’s where Ethan had his notes so Cosima may live yet.

And Sarah does meet with Marion.  Marion’s got a large house, and a little girl there named Charlotte is the only surviving second generation of Project Leda.  But the real thing Marion wants to explain is that while Dyad may be giving up on the Ledas, the other project, Project Castor, is still in the hands of military.

Yes, there are male clones too.

Marion has what looks like a crazy one locked up in her basement.  Sarah’s seen his face before.

Man, Gracie will not be happy, given her idea that clones are an abomination to God, seeing as how she married one.

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