Doctor Who “The Search”

The Doctor mostly sits this one out, so what we’re left with is three regular people trying to rescue him.

At least we find out what the deal with the Museum is.  The natives, the people with the weird eyebrows, are the Xerons, a generally peaceful race with no weapons of their own.  The Moroks conquered their planet and turned the whole planet into a museum for saying how awesome the Moroks are.  What a bunch of dicks.

Anyhoo, the companions are all caught by an armed guard, but Ian realizes that the guard was ordered to bring them in alive and bluffs his way to get at the guy.  That causes the three to separate and look independently for either the exit or the Doctor.  What do they do?

Well, the women are both found by some Xeron rebels, and it doesn’t go well for Barbara as she and her new sidekick are stuck in a chamber that is being filled with, let’s say, crazy purple knockout gas.  Well, the show is in black and white, so I don’t know how purple the gas is.

Ian, meanwhile, runs back to where the TARDIS is and manages to slap around two guards at once, knocking both out, and even getting a weapon.  Because as a high school science teacher, he can do that sort of thing.  Using a gun, he forces a guard to lead him to Lobos and then has Lobos show him where the Doctor is, though we’re told they are already on stage two of the whole exhibit transformation thing.

But Vicki may do the best.  She meets some Xerons and they explain how they have no weapons because the Moroks keep all the good stuff in the armory, and the lock there is a sophisticated thing that will only open if someone answers all the questions it asks truthfully.  That seems hard until Vicki points out that, no, it really isn’t.  She suggests skipping the questions they can’t answer and then she answers one question.  Why does she want to go into the armory?  “Revolution.”  And this works!

I think I know why the Moroks are a dying empire now…


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