Comic Review: Rumble Volume 1

I take chances on some really weird stuff from Image sometimes.

I am not sure things get much weirder than Rumble if the first volume, subtitled What Color of Darkness, is any indication.

Bobby is a down-on-his-luck bartender in a modern city.  He has no luck with women, one loudmouth loser friend, and some old drunk in his bar writes him an IOU in a really weird language.  But then the old rummy has an arm severed by a large man with a sword.  Bobby knocks the large man in the head with a bat.  The man’s head comes off, revealing the guy was, in fact, a straw-stuffed scarecrow.  And then things get really weird.  The scarecrow isn’t dead yet, and in fact comes back to see Bobby later.  He says his name is Rathraq.  He’s an immortal warrior from a war that predates humanity’s rise, and he’s out to get the demon-like things that have his actual body.

And then things continue to get weird.

Writer John Arcudi’s work here probably would fit in well with his old series The Mask, and James Harren’s artwork would probably work in that series as well.  There’s some weird humor here as Rathraq seeks vengeance, Bobby seeks normalcy, and other things seek to either survive or thrive in an era that is long past their time on Earth.  I’m not entirely sure where this series is going, so I may or may not follow up on future volumes.  I haven’t decided yet, but am leaning more towards “no” despite largely liking this one.  8 out of 10 three-legged dogs.


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