Podcast Reaction: Mail Call Edition!

This week on the podcast, the Geeks answered the mail.  Or, they answered questions that they got from folks like myself and Jimmy and various guys named Greg, plus the enigma that is all people named Ray.

But if they were answering questions, maybe I should answer the answers.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense…

Watson’s ideal source for questions.

So, the Geeks did well, even as Ryan channeled his inner Nerdwriter.  They hit the questions hard and no one got yelled at.

Quite frankly, I thought Watson answered the question about whether or not he’s still a Geek very well until he got to the “too sexy” part.  Simply asking that question doesn’t mean he had to admit he wasn’t.

Of course, I could also point out that frickin’ City of Stairs is a fantasy novel…

Though if we go for the original DC problem, it’s not fictional cities.  It’s comics that made the stories more about the powers than the personalities of its heroes, whereas Marvel did the reverse.  And DC has done its own social issues stuff in the past, such as the Hard Traveling Heroes era of Green Lantern/Green Arrow.  Heck, Green Arrow is generally written as a left-leaning character.

But then we got to the question about Cultwatch! recommendations.

Now, Jimmy and I do have list of stuff we’re getting to eventually get to, and I’d need to consult with Jimmy to see if we cover any of those movies.  Jenny had a good suggestion with the Dark Crystal.  Watson’s Dreamscape sounds intriguing.  But then we get to Ryan’s suggestion…

First off, Krull sucks.

Liam Neeson! No!!!

But some Mel Brooks movie that Ryan can’t even remember the name of?

Gee, the point of Cultwatch! is for the two of us to discuss movies with small-but-loyal fanbases.  Does this Solarbabies have that?

My guess is “no”.  I think that girl is high.

I’ll check with Jimmy.

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