Doctor Who “The Centre”

Alright, we finally get to see the horror that is the Animus!  And there’s a bomb!

OK, so, the Doctor and Vicki are to be taken to the “Centre” of the Carsinome where the Doctor’s intelligence will become a tool of the Animus.  But hey, they have that bomb!

Wait, no they don’t.  Vicki left it with the Doctor’s astro-map.  And the Animus is…some kind of giant blob with a lot of flashing lights and dozens of rubber legs.  It doesn’t like it when Vicki calls it a parasite, but spider seems more appropriate if you don’t count the legs.

So, the Doctor and Vicki aren’t saving the day.

But wait!  Barbara and the Menoptra are sneaking in with their own gold collar that subdues the Zarbi!  They keep…switching it to different giant ants,, and that gets them inside the Carsinome and they find the bomb!  Surely they can blow up the Animus!

Um, no.

It turns out that the flashing lights subdue Barbara’s whole group and Barbara stumbles forward with the bomb that doesn’t seem to do a damn thing.

So, Ian will save the day when he burrows up inside the Centre, right?  I mean, Ian always saves the day.

Um, no again.

Heck, his arrival isn’t even a surprise.

But then Barbara sees him, stumbles forward, and the bomb does…something.  I mean, it doesn’t explode, but suddenly the Animus dies, water flows on the planet again, the Menoptra can come down, the Zarbi are harmless again, and the Optera are welcome to hop around the surface again.

So, aside from Ian losing his school tie, it seems everything worked out.

Didn’t he also lose his gold pen?  I’d be more upset about that, but I’m not sentimental about my old alma mater.

Anyway, the TARDIS disappears, off for the next serial which is among the ones lost to time, so we won’t know if the Doctor and his crew survived the Crusades.

OK, they definitely survived the Crusades.


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