Merlin “The Beginning Of The End”

Oh Merlin…

So, here’s the deal:  a pair of druids are caught inside Camelot, and Uther being Uther, he has the older one put to death.  Even though these are a peaceful people that won’t cause any trouble.  Uther sucks.

But the other one is a young boy, and he manages to telepathically contact Merlin, calling him by the name Emerys.  Or something.  I don’t know how to spell it.  Since it’s a kid, Merlin hides the kid.  Or he tries to.  He finally settles on Morgana’s room, and she takes one look at the boy and hides him right away.

Anyhoo, the whole thing is the Great Cartoon Dragon insists the boy has to die or else Arthur will die instead.  And Morgana really cares about this kid.  Will Merlin let a boy die?


Will Morgana opt to wear a BRIGHT RED CLOAK at night to sneak a kid out?


Will she get caught?

Of course.

Will Arthur also help out and keep the kid alive?


Will the kid tell us his name?


Is it Mordred?

Of course it is.

Oh Merlin…


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