Doctor Who “Invasion”

Well, it’s raining bugs now.

Now, I would have thought that the Doctor would be the one to wake up from the mind whammy collar, but I was wrong.  It was Vicki.  The Doctor had managed to fiddle with her collar to reverse the effects, so she was able to snap out of it, get the Doctor’s collar off, and since the Doctor claims his ring has special properties (it does?), he can use Vicki’s collar to take control of a Zarbi and use it to sneak out of the Carsinome without the Animus noticing.

Yeah, that’s the name for the building they are in and the mystery voice, respectively.

Back on the plain, Barbara meets up with the handful of surviving Menoptra at the Temple of Light, a structure she describes as beautiful, but given the state of the cinematography, I’ll take her word for it.  And while the spearhead’s leader is a bit dismissive, Hrostar knows someone like Barbara is the key because she’s used to walking and not flying, so she must know strategy because she thinks with her head and not her wings.

You know, you can think with your head for a good way to use your wings, but whatever.

And, you know, Barbara actually does know strategy, but that sure is spacious reasoning.

As it is, the Doctor and Vicki show up, and now there’s a plan:  the Doctor and Vicki got out so they can get back into the Carsinome and detonate a special bomb the Menoptra use while the butterflies and Barbara attack from the outside.  Plus, they learn the Animus isn’t a native to this world, but was dragged to it by that same weird web that snared the TARDIS.

Plus, nobody knows Ian and the caterpillar people are digging up from underground.  The grubs are good diggers, it seems.

So, yeah, the Doctor trades the tamed Zarbi for the bomb, and he and Vicki get back inside the Carsinome…only to be sprayed down with a weird web and captured.

So, yeah, we’ll see what blows up good next time.


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