Orphan Black “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”

After an admittedly bad episode, let’s see some badass clones.

Yes, we get a solid hour of badassery, which may not be a word but I like it anyway.

First up:  Alison

Alison takes Donnie’s accidental murder of Dr. Leekie well, but then they need to dispose of the body.  Donnie had multiple suggestions, but Alison shoots them all down until she opts for “under the family garage,” an act that involves renting a jackhammer.  Apparently, you can do such things.  And, of course, Donnie is bad at using such a thing, but Alison actually proves general competency there too.

Can Donnie do anything right?  Well, yes.

See, Vic comes by.  First, Vic goes directly to Alison, looking for information because she owes him.  They toss Vic out, so he being the dummy he is, goes looking in a window just before Alison removes the corpse from a large freezer.  And this is when Donnie finally proves he can do things right.

First he catches Vic with Alison’s gun, taking him inside and getting a confession of the scared Vic.  Then Donnie reveals he can learn from mistakes and had the safety on.  Then he takes Vic out to a police van, where Detective DeAngelis is waiting, reminds her that her investigation is unauthorized, and that sort of thing is what got both Art and Beth suspended.  Then he takes a picture of DeAngelis and Vic to use as future blackmail in case she tries again.

Donnie rules sometimes.

And after he and Alison finish disposing of the body and filling the hole back up, they both get really hot for each other right then and I’m gonna stop right there actually.

Second up:  Rachel.

One of the oldest tricks in Sarah’s book is to go in disguised as one of the other clones.  So, why can’t Rachel do that?

Short answer is Rachel does do that. See, Rachel isn’t happy she can’t have children from the looks of things, so after Kira has given a bone marrow donation to the ailing Cosima, Rachel lets Delphine see some false documents about what Dyad is planning with Kira.  And when Sarah comes in to get Kira from a colleague of Mrs. S, she slips past Mrs. S and almost past Felix when Felix’s phone rings, and he sees it’s from Sarah.  The real Sarah.  Rachel, disguised as Sarah, then drugs Felix and takes Kira away.


Finally:  Helena.

Helena has been pretty badass almost since day one since she has her own discordant soundtrack and everything.  But hey, she’s back the Prolethean ranch, pregnant with some in vitro embroyos of her own.  And aside from threatening a woman who disciplined a kid a little too much for Helena’s liking, what really sets her off is finding out other women might be carrying her babies.

Old Man Henrik made a lot of embryos.

Oh, and Gracie is carrying at least one.

What’s worse?  Being a surrogate mother for your father, or having your father as your gynecologist?  I’m guessing the latter.

As it is, Helena ain’t too happy to hear about this, and even though Henrik clocks her one and tries to lock Gracie up in another cage, Helena manages to take him down and lets Gracie escape with her beloved Mark.

Then she plays doctor with a tied down Henrik.

Then since he’s probably dead, she burns the ranch down and walks off.

Don’t mess with Helena.

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