Doctor Who “Crater Of Needles”

So, this is the point of a Doctor Who serial where the Doctor and his companions are split into groups, meet various other characters, and we start to see how the story will end when everyone joins forces in some way.

So, how is that working out?

Barbara and the Menoptra named Hrostar are stuck in a mine, dropping vegetables into acid to be used for food and construction by the Zarbi and their mystery boss.  Hrostar had his wings cut off, so he’ll never fly again.  However, he does tell Barbara that the Zarbi aren’t normally like this, so they must be under someone else’s control.  He even compares them to cattle, and that impresses me.

I mean, how do these alien butterfly people know what cattle are?

As it is, Barbara and Hrostar manage to escape in time to see…well, I’ll get to that in a bit.

Meanwhile, Ian and Vrestin were chased into a deep chasm where they met the caterpillar people called the Optera.  Those guys don’t trust anyone from the surface, but they also worship the Menoptra as gods and Ian has some words on how they’re all the same people.  So, you know, underground allies.

As for Vicki and the Doctor, the Doctor has no intention of really helping the mystery voice, but he has figured out they conduct mind control through gold, and he did steal Ian’s gold pen back in episode one.  Unfortunately, his best efforts to conceal information from the mystery voice come to naught when his machines pick up a signal from the invading Menoptra and their invasion point of the Crater of Needles.  After slapping control collars on Vicki and the Doctor, the Zarbi go off and ambush the Menoptra, leaving an awful lot of dead butterflies.

Barbara and Hrostar had managed to get up to the surface in time to see that.  Bummer.

I told you I’d get back to it.


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