American Horror Story “Tricks And Treats”

I referred to an actress in the present day scenes as “ridiculously hot” last time and have since learned the actress in question is or was married to Channing Tatum.  He himself is also ridiculously hot, or so I thought, but I’d have to ask Jenny.

By the by, in the present, the ridiculously hot woman is running from that Bloody Face guy, the killer stabs her boyfriend, and then she gets locked in a cell.  I’m guessing we’re going to be seeing a lot of the serial killer with the stupidest name I’ve ever heard.

But back in 1964, we see Bloody Face murder Lana’s girlfriend on Halloween.  See, the title fits.

But here’s the thing:  this season is like some kind of horror movie blender.  So far, we’ve seen Dr. Arden as some emotionless mad scientist, he has things in some part of the Asylum, Kit Walker is an accused (and possibly innocent) serial killer, Kit saw aliens, Sister Jude has sexual fantasies about Monsignor Howard, and we’ve got some bad treatment of interracial couples and homosexuals.

So, let’s toss in exorcism!

Yes, a boy is brought in.  He’s speaking in tongues, he killed a cow to eat part of it raw, and over the objections of the technocratic visiting psychiatrist Dr. Thredson, that means bringing in some priests for an exorcism.

It doesn’t go well.

Sure, the kid is dead, and the demon told Sister Jude her whole backstory as a lounge singer who did a drunken hit-and-run on a small child.  But the demon appears to have moved on to Sister Mary Eunice, AKA the one Arden has a crush on.

But after trying to gain Lana’s attention, seemingly sane inmate Grace, whose habit of standing around naked with some strategically placed ironworks oddly does somehow gain a wrongfully locked-up lesbian’s attention, wants to escape.  Lana knows a route, but doesn’t want accused killer Kit going with them.  Grace won’t leave without Kit.   And when the lights go out during the exorcism, Lana screams the killer is escaping, and as a reward, she gets to choose what Sister Jude will whip their bare behinds with.

Kit takes all the responsibility.  He seems like a good guy.

Which could all be a lie in the ASYLUM!

Doesn’t have the same ring as MURDER HOUSE!

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