Podcast Reaction: What I Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys talked about all the cool things they did over the summer that kept them all too busy to podcast.

Some of us don’t have that luxury.  Some of us had to make due with staycations.

Watson’s ideal staycation.

Yes, some of us don’t get to travel and do cool things, though to be honest, Jenny’s cool thing sounded more like Jenny’s friend Jane doing cool things.  All that made me do was want to be friends with Jane, but I live on the East Coast where, rumor has it, the podcast has no listeners.  That’s one filthy rumor.

But what do I do?  Do I go to Scotland and see the ancestral homeland of All Things Harry Potter?  No.  In fact, I need to renew my passport at some point.  Did I do what Watson does that can’t be printed in a family newspaper?  Nah.

I had a staycation, mostly to post all the different stuff that comes up here that certain members of the podcast.  I finished The Simpsons (for now) and started Doctor Who.  I finished The Westeros Watch with Jimmy.  I started the Cultwatch! with Jimmy, too.  Heck, I started a lot of stuff with Jimmy.  Jimmy’s awesome.  Also, probably on the Canadian East Coast.

Well, I guess I’ll keep getting no respect from some folks on the podcast.  There’s only one solution to this.  I’ll just have to start my own podcast.

Well, maybe not.

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