Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #188: Lodestone

Since the last two weeks have covered some of the weird and wonderful members of the Doom Patrol, I think we can squeeze one more out.  This week’s entry won’t be one of writer Grant Morrison’s creations; however, Morrison did manage to put out what was probably the best story for the character.

Her name is Lodestone, and eventually, she was weird.

Lodestone was one Rhea Jones, a young woman who was visiting an Arctic military base with her father, an officer in the United States Air Force.  A weird explosion from a radioactive electromagnet killed Rhea’s father but empowered her with electormagnetic powers.  Fearing dissection, she ran off and joined the circus as one does.

Not long after that, she was recruited to be a member of a new Doom Patrol under the codename Lodestone.

Now, that incarnation of the Doom Patrol isn’t an overly memorable bunch.  For our purposes, I’ll just mention that when the Invasion! storyarc occurred, the alien genebomb hit Lodestone hard.  It didn’t kill her, but it did knock her into a coma, and that leads us to the Morrison run.

Now, as stated before, Morrison’s Doom Patrol was part of the early Vertigo days, when DC Comics started to produce more mature material, and that included the Doom Patrol.  And that means Lodestone returned when she was kidnapped by an entity that claimed to be both God and Jack the Ripper.

The being, named Red Jack, was ultimately defeated when Rhea woke up when he wasn’t looking and stabbed him in the back with his own knife.  She then went back into a coma.

Only, she didn’t.

Instead, she went into a cocoon.

And when she came out, she was probably Watson’s favorite superhero:  she took the form of a naked woman, faceless, with her eyes relocated, one on her chest and the other on the small of her back, plus she seemed to have eternal energy of some sort coming from the vicinity of her ears.  And she somehow didn’t mind.  Heck, she seemed pleased to be awake.

I think there’s enough strategic shading on this picture.

Once awake, there were bug-like aliens who took her away before she could completely bond with the Earth’s nervous system.  Yes, she was to bound with the Earth’s nervous system as its actual Lodestone, but since she was taken away early, there would be problems.  As it is, the alien storyline may have been one of the more normal storylines Morrison wrote for the Doom Patrol, and this one had a faceless naked woman hanging around.

As it is, when that arc ended, Rhea told the others that a star out there somewhere she wanted to visit, but she’d be back and then flew off into space.  She hasn’t been seen since outside the rare flashback.

To be fair, the Doom Patrol did move back to the regular DC continuity, so a naked woman superhero might have been a bit out of bounds.

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