Merlin “The Gates Of Avalon”

We should probably talk about Morgana…

OK, up to this point, Morgana has mostly been that ridiculously hot woman who lives in the castle and gives Merlin naughty thoughts.

Of course, anyone who knows their Arthurian Legend knows Morgana’s deal, but so far, well, she seems nice.  That’s something, I suppose.

But see, Morgana has dreams, and not the kind where she wins Camelot’s Next Top Model.  No, her dreams are a lot more…prophetic.

How do we know this?  Well, Arthur one days rescues a fair maiden and her elderly father from an attack of some kind, and being Arthur is a dude, he falls for the fair maiden.  Her name is Sophia, and when I say he falls for her, he really falls for her.  Tells Uther he wants to marry her and all that.  Uther didn’t like that, but Uther doesn’t like much of anything.  He’s a yutz.

Now, Merlin is suspicious though that may be because he saw Sophia’s father bargaining with one of the magical, immortal Sidhes.  Sophia and her pops both used to be one of those things, but the old guy killed another one of their immortal (?) brethren and the punishment is being made mortal.  He doesn’t care about himself, but Sophia was innocent, and she can gain her immortality back if she drowns someone in the right lake.  Say, the royal prince of the local kingdom would be a big enough deal…

But hey, we expect Merlin to find these things out.  His name is the title of the freakin’ show.  But Morgana?  She dreams Arthur gets drowned by some girl, and she tells Merlin and Gaius, who figure Morgana has some magic, but when she tries to warn Uther, the very smart part of her brain kicks in and tells her not to tell Uther she’s having prophetic visions because he doesn’t take that sort of thing well.

The long and the short of it is Merlin has to rescue the magically brainwashed Arthur, and he does so when he magics one of the Sidhe’s staffs away from him, using it to make both Sidhe’s explode.  I wasn’t sure how much Sophia deserved to explode compared to her dad, but she did try to drown Arthur, and then Arthur snaps out of it and he and Merlin take a story back to Uther saying it was Merlin’s fault that Arthur missed an important summons.  For his heroism, Merlin gets locked in the stocks to be pelted with vegetables.  Again.

And Morgana, well, she sees things when she sleeps.


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