Comic Review: Harrow County Volume 1

I like to try new stuff all the time, and hey, Hellboy is a pretty good Dark Horse horror series.

So, let’s try another horror series from the same publisher with Harrow County, with the first volume subtitled Countless Haints.

Young Emmy has lived her whole life on her father’s farm in  rural Harrow County.  Life is pretty normal, but the people of Harrow County have a secret involving a witch that happened before Emmy’s time, but there is some connection between Emmy and the witch.  When some weird stuff starts to happen around Emmy, she finds herself forced to flee into the woods, where more creepy stuff happens, and that’s just the beginning.

The artwork here by Tyler Crook is the right kind of creepy and atmospheric.  However, while Cullen Bunn’s plot works, he relied very heavily on narration boxes for the first three of the four issues reprinted in this volume, and I think there were a bit too many of them.  It distracted a bit from the story.  There’s a good balance for that sort of thing in any comic book, and I just felt this one had a bit too many.  7.5 skinless protectors out of 10.

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