Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #187: Danny The Street

I wasn’t really kidding last week when I said I could cover the different members of the Doom Patrol for weeks.

And hey, I also said I should cover Danny the Street, so here he is.

Danny the Street was a sentient street, possibly a sentient neighborhood depending on how you look at him.  Danny isn’t just the concrete at your feet but also the buildings around the street, the signs, the banners, and whatever else that happens to be there beyond the people who resided on Danny.

Does Danny sound weird?  It gets better:  Grant Morrison, his creator, based Danny’s personality off a famous drag queen.

How does a street show personality?  Could he talk?

Well, not quite.  Danny communicated with signs, banners, and even typewriters in the stores that inhabited his roadway.  If he needed to talk to someone, he left a message somewhere to be read, and the people who lived off Danny, or at least visited him, loved the guy.

Danny the Street joined the Doom Patrol after they showed up to save Danny from the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  Those guys had a thing for anything considered weird and routinely attacked weird things.  A living road with a drag queen’s personality is high on that list, and so they sent agents to burn Danny down.  Fortunately, the Doom Patrol showed up to stop them, plus Flex Mentallo was hiding out there.

Grateful, Danny became the team’s primary mode of transportation.  See, Danny could teleport to different places, mostly urban places where he could appear as a new roadway somewhere, and the Doom Patrol would emerge and do what they had to do to save the day.

Now, Morrison’s run had a nice ending where teammate Crazy Jane, who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, was taken away to another world where she was better and could live out her days in peace with her Doom Patrol teammates like Danny.  And the thing was, that alternate world was Danny.  He was now Danny the World.  He grew up!

So, considering this all happened, did Danny stay away?

Actually, Danny’s been back a couple times.  A recent Doom Patrol series had Danny attacked, leaving Crazy Jane to return toting a brick that was the sum total of all that was left of Danny.  He was Danny the Brick.

During the New 52, he did the transportation thing for the Teen Titans, though he was weakened by an attack and referred to in that state as Danny the Alley.

And, in the recent Young Animal version of the Doom Patrol, Danny came back as…an ambulance.  Yes, Danny the Ambulance.  The street part was hidden deep inside to keep Danny safe from his enemies.

So, yeah, a living street.  As I said, this is probably the weirdest character yet.  He doesn’t even have a face!

Then again, he wasn’t the first hero to lack a face…

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