American Horror Story “Afterbirth”

So, yeah, can something about a MURDER HOUSE have a happy ending?


It’s months after Vivien died in childbirth, and Ben is living with Constance with the surviving baby, and he’s finally figured out who Tate’s mother is from the looks of things.  After a quick return to the house, complete with warnings from his dead wife and daughter, he ends up getting killed by Hayden in a way that looks like suicide, and Constance manages to steal away the baby and hide it.

She tells the cops Violet must have run off with the baby.

And from there, with Ben’s ghost also stuck in the house, the “good ghosts” who want to spare more people from being stuck in that house work to scare the next buyers away before they get killed.  Other “bad ghosts” want to spread their suffering to others, but those guys are assholes.

Hey, who are the good ghosts?  Well, the Harmons, Moira, one of the nurses, the Black Dahlia, and even that exterminator guy.  And it works.  The Harmons set up a Christmas tree, and Vivien even gets her stillborn baby’s ghost back from Nora Montgomery who doesn’t know what to do with a baby that cries nonstop for three years.  Or something.

A ghost that’s stuck as a baby for all eternity in a creepy house?  That’s just sad.

As for the other kid, Constance got it, and she didn’t seem too upset when the kid, now a toddler, killed a babysitter.


So, that’s the first storyline of American Horror Story.  How was it?

Well, not scary.  Not really.  It was fairly well constructed, Jessica Lange seemed to be having fun, and I can see why this show was a hit.

So, let’s see how the insane asylums work out.

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