Over The Garden Wall “Mad Love”

Hey, it’s the voice of John Cleese!

OK, so, Wirt, Greg, the frog, Beatrice, and Fred the talking horse are at the giant house of Quincy Endicott (Cleese).  He made a fortune on tea, but he never drinks the stuff.  The party needs two cents to use the ferry to find Beatrice’s friend the Wise Woman of the Forest Adelaide.  That means the boys pose as Quincy’s nephews, and he’s too old or lonely to know the difference.

It seems Quincy once went into a room of his house he didn’t know existed and discovered a lovely woman…who he thinks was a ghost.  Greg wants to see a ghost, so he and Fred go off to find the ghost with Quincy while Wirt and Beatrice look for loose change without breaking too many things.

They break too many things, but we also learn some secrets.  See, Beatrice used to be human before she threw a rock at a bluebird, which turned herself and her whole family into bluebirds.  And that’s why she wants to get to Adelaide.

As for Wirt?  Well, he has a crush on a girl.  He maybe writes poetry.  He plays the bassoon.  And, it turns out, he actually knows a lot about architecture,   Why is that last part important?

Because Wirt figures out what the deal with the ghost is.  It isn’t a ghost.  It’s a neighbor.  She has a mansion that is so big, and Quincy’s is also so big, the two were unaware that they shared a small tea garden.  Yes, they were also competitors.  But they’re in love now, they give Fred a job, and they give Greg two cents which they can use for the ferry.

And then Greg tosses the money in a fountain to be swallowed by a catfish.  Why?  Because he has no sense.

Silly pun there.

I approve.


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