Comic Review: Black Hammer Volume 2

I sometimes tease Jimmy Impossible for not reading some of the great reoccurring series I review here from time to time, but let’s give credit where it is due:  Jimmy found Dark Horse’s Black Hammer before I did.

The second volume, subtitled The Event, shows what happens when a newcomer arrives in the small town where a group of superheroes has been stuck for years, as well as illustrating a bit more as to why they are there.

The first volume strongly suggested that the mystical and weird Madame Dragonfly and the vaguely science-y and weird Colonel Weird know more than they let on as Dragonfly wiped the memory of the fallen hero Black Hammer’s daughter when she somehow beams into the town.  The thing is, Lucy is a journalist, and she knows how to ask questions, and she mostly wonders why the other heroes have basically just given up.  By the volume’s end, we may finally get some more answers and less subtle hints, but the mystery itself just gets deeper.

Considering how much making things more mysterious without actually answering questions could be frustrating, it helps that writer Jeff Lemire is still giving us backstory for the the different characters.  That includes Abraham Slam giving himself a 90s era comics make-over in flashback to disastrous results as well as digging into the personal life of Golden Gail.  Most importantly, we learn more about the actual Black Hammer.  His origin ties him into a more mythological cosmic setting, adding a bit of New God to Thor with some other Jack Kirby elements added for good measure.  It seems Black Hammer was a lot more tied into the events of the group’s exile than we had seen up until now, and his fallen hammer may be the key to things we don’t know just yet.

Look, this series is awesome as it acts as a send-up to lots of old comics characters and conventions.  Check it out if you haven’t already.  9.5 out of 10 rude superhuman teenagers.


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