Watson Reviews: The Road Movie (Spoiler Free)

Russia is a real shithole. It is a cesspool of corruption. That is why everyone has a dashboard camera in their car. To capture the madness and encourage accountability from fellow travelers.

Their misery is our game as some clever filmmakers slice together some of the more interesting content recorded.


It’s not really ABOUT anything. There is no narrative. No theme. No story.

Just a bunch of weird shit that happens on the dreary streets of Russia.


  • There were some really funny moments. This film was like watching a police chase or Russia’s Funniest Home Videos. Crazy people. Bad drivers. Encounters with prostitutes. You name it. It’s feast or famine but there are some legitimately interesting or humorous moments.


  • The famine part was really boring. There were some redundant scenes. Some were uninteresting. Others I could not understand why they even chose to include some scenes.
  • Even at just over an hour, it was too long. You can only watch so many scenes, even the good ones, without any form of narrative. It got boring after a while.


This was a neat concept but they could have crafted a story or had more robust voiceover. It is rare when one wishes Bob Saget were around making dumb jokes.

As it was, I only needed about 30 minutes of this.

Overall, I give The Road Movie a score of 64500 Rubles Worth of Anal out of 10.

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