Watson Reviews: The Meg (Spoiler Free)

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We talked a lot about this trailer in the Gabbing Geek editorial bullpen.  It is such an odd combination of horror and camp.

I know a lot of horror injects camp to pad out the two hours, but this comes right out and says you shouldn’t be scared because it is more a comedy.

So going in, the only thing I was afraid of was how bad the comedy would be…


After a deep sea vessel loses contact with its underwater research base, Jonas Taylor is recruited to come attempt a daring underwater rescue.

Along the way, the crew discovers that he culprit is a Megaldon, a giant shark that went extinct in the Pliocine era.  Except in The Meg it didn’t go extinct.  IT LIVES!

Taylor must then track down the giant beast and stop it from ruining Summer Vacation!

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  • It was good, dumb fun. Let’s just say The Meg earned its 50% Rotten Tomatoes score. Bad enough to be Rotten. Good enough to avoid single digits.
  • There was a solid supporting cast to make up for Jason Statham. Statham gives the same performances always gives, but there is a decent cast surrounding him. Chinese actresses Li Bingbing and young Shuya Sophia Cai (China co-produced the film and it shows) are the standouts in the film. Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Page Kennedy (SWAT) also deliver scenery eating performances.
  • The setup was as good as the action ending. Usually in horror movies, especially shark films, the setup before the big attacks is plodding. Here, the build up was actually pretty decent.


  • It is a typical action film.  Terrible script. Cheesy one liners. Cliche tropes. It’s all there. But somehow it works just often enough to make it a passable endeavor.
  • The missed an opportunity with their PG-13 rating. Boy would this have been better if it was Rated R. The beach scene depicted in the poster was a missed opportunity.
  • It was about 15 minutes too long. I enjoyed the film, but this movie didn’t need to be 118 minutes. There were a couple of plot lines that we didn’t need to pad this out.

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Look. Just take it for what it is. It’s a post-Shark Week romp. Like Cotton Candy there is no substance, you enjoy it, but it ain’t a meal.

Overall, I give The Meg a score of 7.5 “Bigger Boats” out of 10.

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