Doctor Who “Strangers In Space”

So, how can the TARDIS be stopped and still moving?

That’s a silly question.  It’s not like planets and stars are still bodies in the cosmos.  Everything is constantly moving.  What the Doctor really needs is a science teacher or something along and…wait, what was Ian doing before?

OK, short answer, the TARDIS landed inside a moving spaceship.  The two members of the crew inside seem to be dead.  Not much else to do, then, but then the man at the captain’s seat wakes up, and with some quick instructions, they wake up the woman on the side.  He’s Maitland, and she’s Carol.  It’s the 28th century, and they aren’t the slightest surprised to see people from the 20th on their ship.  Why should they be?  They were only mostly dead a few minutes ago.  That’s better than being all dead.

As it is, Maitland explains they’ve been stuck in a place he calls the Sense-Sphere, where the aliens, the Sensorites, have been holding them prisoner.  They can’t leave.  They don’t really communicate with the aliens, but the aliens also don’t kill them.  The aliens also seem to have some kind of mind control or something.  That’s why the third member of the crew, John, is locked in a separate part of the ship.

Oh wait, they neglected to mention that until Susan and Barbara wandered into that section looking for water.

Now, normally, the Doctor and his companions would take the advice of the captives and get lost right away.  But somehow a Sensorite stole the lock on the TARDIS, effectively keeping the time travelers trapped on the ship.  And then the aliens try to crash the ship, with Maitland unable to right the controls.  The Doctor can, and after a mess getting the women away from John, who looks like a drunk David Tennant in some shots, well, the Sensorites decide to take a closer look as the humans (plus the Doctor) see one looking in through a window.  There’s one on the wing!

They need William Shatner or John Lithgow for this one!

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