Orphan Black “Governed As It Were By Chance”

Well, Cal’s truck sure came in handy.

And Mrs. S is meeting people she used to know.  Mrs. S knows a lot.

Then again, so does everyone on this show who isn’t a clone.

Yes, it looks like Cal managed to commit vehicular homicide against Dyad Lawyer Guy, and Sarah thinks the way to go is to at least temporarily hide the car and leave Kira with Cal.  Then she heads back to Felix in the city, searching Mrs. S’s house.  They find some information on Project Leda, the plan that made all these girl clones.  Two names jump out:  Susan and Ethan Duncan.  They were the scientists who seem to have run the program.

They also adopted Rachel.

As such, the thing to do is sneak into Rachel’s place.  That seems to be a good idea until it becomes a bad idea, or in other words, just about every idea on Orphan Black.

But before we finish up Sarah’s arc for the episode, let’s look into the others.

Alison is in rehab, and Donnie will keep her from the kids if she leaves before a week is out.  She thought initially it was a Dyad hospital.  Oops.

As for Helena, she has an egg harvested for in vitro purposes, but Gracie tries to kill her because she thinks clones are abominations against God because Proletheans are nutty that way.  However, Helena is like a cockroach and can’t be killed.  Gracie would know that if she had paid even a little bit of attention to the previous episodes.  Instead, Helena escapes, right past Art who recognizes Mark from before and even points out these guys can’t take their long rifles outside the ranch.  Score one for Art.

So, what does all this have to do with Sarah?  Well, in Alison’s case, nothing.

But then it turns out Dyad Lawyer Guy, who is also known as Rachel’s boyfriend and monitor, ain’t dead and comes home and captures Sarah, intent on torturing her. And he would, too.  But then Helena comes in and finishes the job Cal’s truck started.

So, that’s worse, right?  Sarah did shoot Helena before…


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