Watson Reviews: Flower (Spoiler Free)

MoviePass told me this was the must see movie they were shilling for money truly believed was a cant miss classic. It disappeared from the theaters quickly and was an early 99¢ rental on iTunes.

What could possibly go wrong?!?


Promiscuous bad girl Erica is a seventeen year old who takes life by the balls. When her mom moves in her fiancée and his 18 year old son with addiction and mental health issues.

After he has a major setback, Erica learns that her future stepbrother, Luke, was allegedly molested by a local towny, she and her friends plan to take him down.


    Zoey Deutch is a talented actress that picks really crappy scripts. Get this girl a better agent. I like her but she keeps being in dreck. She has appeared in Vampire Academy & Before I Fall. Both appeared among my bottom films of the years they came out. I would like to see her in something good because I think she might be compelling with the right material.
  • I like Kathryn Hahn. She’s really a decent character actress. I feel like she’s the person producers hire when they couldn’t get Cathrine Keener. The low cost Kathryn.
  • The blended family theme was well explored.  For personal reasons this plot line resonates with me. The idea of bringing step siblings and parents together is a rich vein of drama (and comedy). The one strength of the script was in this area.


  • It felt like the film was using shock for the sake of shock. I liked that she was not conventional but instead of being a well-rounded character, she was a delivery agent for the next shocking. Piece of dialogue. Though the script did deliver a classic line: “A dick is like a thumb without a fingernail…”
  • This was an indie take on the lame teeny bopper. It is what I thought Fault In Our Stars was going to be, but that one turned out decent. This one did not.


Flowers didn’t make its low budget back in theaters. The spiritual sister to MoviePass!

This was a film that sat on Hollywood’s famous Blacklist; the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood. I don’t get it. This was schlock with a couple of good performances.

Overall, I give Flowers a score of 6.5$18 Blowjobs out of 10.

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  1. Wait, this one seems to have Katherine Hahn and Adam Scott? Does that make it a spin-off of Parks and Recreation or Stepbrothers?

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