Doctor Who “The Day Of Darkness”

Will our heroes survive the Aztec when the eclipse comes along?

Of course they will.  It’s not that kind of show.

Does Susan get punished?


Does Ian drown?


Does Barbara change the minds of the majority of the Aztecs?

Oh hell no.  Her only success, the High Priest of Knowledge, gets exiled.

But the Doctor’s betrothed helps Susan get free, and Ian manages to fight the warrior guy (who also framed him for assault), and…wait, why does the English equivalent of a high school science teacher have the skills needed to fight an Aztec warrior that was presumably trained since birth?  Or at least for years up to that point?

Point is, Ian finds a way out of the temple, the Doctor builds a device to open the door, and they all escape to the TARDIS.  Barbara feels bad, but the Doctor points out she did change one mind, so that’s something.  And while the Doctor does have to tell his fiancee that he isn’t going to marry her…he does seem to rather wistfully keep a token of her affections.

See, it’s little things like that that make the Doctor an interesting character, arguably the only really interesting one on the show.  Good thing it’s his name in the title.


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