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“I ask no favor for our sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.” -Sarah Grimke

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the second woman to sit in the United States Supreme Court. Her longtime advocacy for the rights of women, her passion for liberal causes, and her plucky nature have made her a an icon of the left.

RBG tells her story: from humble beginnings to stacked deck through the Ivy League (undergrad and law school) and into the legal world.

Despite every obstacle being thrown in her way due to gender, she continued to climb all the way to the highest court in the land.

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  • The subject is absolutely charming. RBG has earned her reputation as a legendary figure. In the doc, it shows not only her humor and spirit, but you are amazed how she could do it all throughout her life. She was the mother of a 14 month old child when she was fighting discrimination in Harvard Law School. Her husband then got cancer while there and she still qualified for Harvard Law Review. RBG amazes you at every turn.
  • Her interaction with her family really humanized her. There were a couple of moments where RBG interacts with her family that really connect you to the human side of this legal and historical superhero. The relationship she had with her charming husband Marty was sweet as can be. She isn’t just the icon we all know and admire. She is also a loving wife, mother, and bubbe to her granddaughter.
  • It is a primer for the women’s rights movement. Seeing why someone as capable as RBG endured highlights the struggle for every woman. If this brilliant and capable woman had to work so hard to succeed, you can clearly see how steep a hill normal women faced.


  • It’s a typical biopic documentary. While it does parallel the struggle for gender equality, it does largely just tell us RBG’s life story. Even when the stories are of interesting people, I downgrade documentaries that act as an A&E Biography entry. This one is right there in the line except for the up-leveled production values and interviews they got. Bill Clinton doesn’t typically sit for A&E…
  • Her fatigue scared the hell out of me. Not the fault of the doc at all. I just really want her to live for a lot longer due to her role in preserving a much needed spot on the court. Every time she paused to answer, my heart sank.

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This is an amazing and inspiring story of a fascinating woman who has led a historically significant life. I enjoyed learning a little more about her and continue to admire her spirit. May she live a long life.

Overall, I give RBG a score of 9May She Live to Be 100s out of 10.

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