Merlin “Valiant”

OK, so, good for Merlin for including a Person of Color as a noble knight.

Bad on the show for killing him off.

Yes, it’s time for the annual tournament, and Uther is really looking to see his son Arthur repeat the championship and escort Morgana to the feast.  What is Merlin’s job?  He has to help Arthur train by taking some viscous beatings and help put the armor onto his new boss.  It’s a good thing Merlin’s gal pal Gwen is the blacksmith’s daughter.

But then comes Sir Valiant, a guy you know is evil because he rides into Camelot in slow motion.  Also he has a special shield with magical snakes living in it.  They kill people, starting with the guy who enchanted the shield.  That’s one way to keep from paying a bill.

What does Sir Valiant want?  You know, maybe I missed it because I was distracted, but I don’t know.  I think he’s just a douchebag.  That works for me.

Anyway, Merlin sees Valiant feeding his shield and talks to Gaius, who points out servants aren’t considered a reliable witness to Uther.  That requires Merlin to somehow get one of the three snake heads, especially since a knight got bitten and Gaius needs a sample of the poison to cure the guy.  And heck, with the head, Merlin can go to Arthur and tell him what was what.  Arthur was doing well in the tournament and Merlin was starting to like the prince.

But Uther doesn’t believe the story and needs another noble witness.  And the bitten knight would be a good witness, but he dies.  Arthur is embarrassed and fires Merlin.

But hey, in a nice twist, Arthur actually completely believes Merlin.  He just can’t quit the tournament.  Merlin thinks he’s not really destined to do anything, but that Great Cartoon Dragon sure disagrees.  So, Merlin uses his magic book to find the same spell that brought the snakes to life, and does so at a time when everyone can see the snakes and that means Valiant can die, Arthur can live, Galavant is on a different show, Morgana takes credit, and Merlin gets his crappy job back.

C’mon.  He ain’t gettin’ permanently canned in the second episode.


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