Comic Review: All-New Wolverine Volume 1

Well, X-Men Week continues, but I think I’ve covered the first volumes of all the current X-Men books.  So, let’s look at an X-Men adjacent series in the form of the All-New Wolverine series where the one-time X-23 Laura Kinney decides to be the Wolverine since her sorta father Logan died.  And the first volume suggests there may be more of her as it is subtitled The Four Sisters.

The point of the series thus far seems to be Laura wants to be something other than what she was created to be:  a killer.  As such, she’s trying really hard not to kill anyone.  Hurt badly?  Sure.  But she doesn’t want to kill them.  As it is, she discovers a quartet of clones of her, non-mutants without the claws or the healing factor, but somehow set to not feel pain.  The four are loose and seem to be inclined towards violent revenge.  Can Laura find them?  And if so, then what?  Does she trust the lab that made them?  Labs involved with the extended Wolverine family never seem to have good motives.

This was OK, nothing that great in the grand scheme of things.  Laura seems to solve problems a little too easily, and I don’t mean the physical confrontations.  No, she doesn’t seem to really struggle much with her decisions not to kill despite the fact that this is supposedly her whole thing.  Writer Tom Taylor has her interact more with the rest of the Marvel Universe, with cameos from Dr. Strange and the Wasp, but overall, I found it only so-so.  7.5 out of 10 phone calls to authority figures who don’t know how she got the number.

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