A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Carnivorous Carnival Part Two”

OK, here we go with the end of the season.

Dangit.  No song this year.

To be fair, Count Olaf sang songs in a couple other episodes.

But, this being the last episode of the season, let’s skip a bit of the general plot summary to hit some (probably expected) highlights.

Does Librarian Olivia/Madame Lulu save the Baudelaires?

Of course not.  She dies.  Very expectedly.  She gets fed to the lions.

Do the kids get away?

Well, not this time.  Klaus and Violet are left to die when the trailer they are in, being towed by Olaf’s car, is cut loose by the new members of Olaf’s troop, the freakshow freaks.  Olaf has Sunny, and he has said he only really needs one of them to get the Baudelaire fortune.

There is a nice idea here from Violet that Olaf’s troop stays with him because they only really feel like they belong.  Olaf somehow makes them feel wanted, and that’s why the three freaks also join.

Esme is still there, too.  She wanted Lulu dead out of jealousy.  Then Olaf is the one who kills her.

But, the season ends with a literal cliffhanger as the two older Baudelaires, who never fooled Olaf with their disguise, we see a character played by Allison Williams show up at the burned down remains of the carnival.  Who is she?  Well, “Madame Lulu” is apparently an alias the V.F.D. uses and their best agent was holding it down when Librarian Olivia shows up and temporarily takes it.  The other Lulu, the agency’s best agent, is probably the person who saved the Sugar Bowl Esme wants so badly.  Why?  I’m still not sure.

Then again, I am also sure whoever this woman is, she won’t be saving the Baudelaires.  This series got really dark in its second season as the orphans were tagged as murderers and Olaf finally reached a point where he could go out in public under his real name despite being “dead”.  And many, many people would show up to see a potential freak get eaten by lions.  These are bloodthirsty people who will believe any stupid lie anyone could come up with.

But there’s going to be a third and final season coming, so we have that to look forward to.

In the meantime, we need a new show for Mondays.  Or, more accurately, we need to go back to a show I covered in the past that is nowhere near as amusing as this series.

Yup, time to be horrified again with The Handmaid’s Tale.

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