Doctor Who “The Expedition”

Man, the titles for this string of episodes are rather basic, aren’t they?

So, yeah, the Daleks have that gadget the TARDIS needs to leave.  They took it off Ian who, as I have noted, is rather stupid.  And the Doctor realizes he really doesn’t have any replacement mercury after all because he was too clever for his own good.  Can they get the part back from the Daleks?

Well, they have to.  Will the Thals help?

Um, no.  They don’t believe in war.

Meanwhile, the Daleks are trying the anti-radiation drugs on themselves and find it’s killing them,  They actually need radiation to survive.

So, next question:  is it because the Thals can’t fight or won’t fight?  Ian is against getting the Thals involved because he can’t let anyone die for something that doesn’t benefit them as well.  Sure, the Doctor and Barbara disagree, but I think Ian is useless, so I’m with the awfully manipulative Doctor.

But Ian figures out the Thals will fight if you threaten to turn on of the female Thals over to the Daleks.

Is that sexist by modern standards?  I think it might be.

As such, the most useful members of the party…do not go on an expedition around a toxic lake to get into Dalek city from behind.  That means Ian and Barbara go instead of the Doctor and…well, the Doctor.  Susan can go either way.

Two problems:

  1.  The Daleks are looking to set off another nuclear bomb to give themselves more radiation.
  2. The lake seems to be draining itself and it killed a nameless Thal (off-screen) in the process.

But remember, the Doctor is still…not doing a whole hell of a lot truth be told.  Why is he the title character?

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