Orphan Black “Nature Under Constraint And Vexed”

Things ended grimly before.

They may or may not be getting grimmer.

See, Kira and Mrs. S are missing, and Sarah suspects Rachel and Dyad.  After barely escaping a shoot-out in a diner involving a guy who seemed to find a religious offense to anything less than free-range eggs, she’s even more spooked by what’s going on.  One of those two guys and the diner owner both end up dead and Sarah barely escapes the other one.

That one?  Matthew.  Yeah, I think I better keep an eye on him.

Sarah finally gets through to Felix and develops a plan to infiltrate Dyad.

First, Delphine says Leekie wants to meet Cosima at an event.  Paul is now blackmailed into being security there, and Rachel won’t tell anyone, including Leekie, if she is behind the kidnapping.

Second, Alison goes to her suburban drug dealer to buy a gun between rehearsals for a bizarre musical she’s in that involves hiding a body.

And then Sarah…disguises herself as Cosima and goes to Dyad in Cosima’s place.  Leekie seems fooled, and Delphine may or may not be in on it, but she did give Leekie some of Cosima’s blood because Delphine thinks Dyad might be the only hope to fix whatever illness Cosima has.

Sarah does get to Rachel with the gun, and she does scare the crap out of the pro-clone, even hitting her, leading Rachel to say no one can touch her and get away with it, and nothing makes me hate a villain more than a line like that, but the feeling I get when Sarah pops her again makes it worth while.

Bottom line is Dyad doesn’t have Kira.  It looks like someone else does.

Oh, and Helena survived that shooting and stumbled into a hospital.  That girl is part Terminator.

Oh, and Sarah is going to tell Art what’s going on because Art can help.  That seems like a really smart move.


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