Comic Review: Chew Volume 5

Is Jimmy reading Chew yet?  Is Jenny?  What is wrong with those two?  Unless they are reading this series, in which case there’s nothing wrong with them.  On this subject at least.

Anyway, I finished volume five of the series, subtitled Major League.

Cipopath Tony Chu has been fired by his superior at the FDA because the guy found a different food-based psychic.  Tony finds himself shipped off to become a traffic cop while his partner Colby is transferred somewhere else.  But when Tony is kidnapped by one group and his daughter Olive is taken by someone else, the two Chus experiences could not be more different.

John Layman and Rob Guillory continue to do good work here, and, well, this is just a fun and funny series that the Jimmys and Jennys of the world should really be reading.  It’s got food, psychics, paramilitary government agencies, and food critics with weaponized reviews.  What more can a reader ask for?  About the only complaint I have is each volume ends too quickly.  9.5 out of 10 cyborg lions.


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