American Horror Story “Piggy Piggy”

Man, people keep dying because of that Murder House.  I’m starting to think it isn’t a good place to live.

We start with a flashback to 1994, where we see Tate going on a murder spree in his high school, killing the kids who wanted answers back on Halloween.  He also paralyzed a teacher.  Later in the episode, we learn he was gunned down in his own house by the SWAT team when he went for another gun.  Oh, and he must have been living in the Murder House at the time.

So, let’s check in with everybody.

Vivien learns that ultrasound tech that fainted quit her job because she thought Vivien was carrying the Antichrist apparently.  She’s also really getting into sweatbreads made out of pork, or maybe “pork,” that Constance gave her.

Ben is still working out of the house even as he isn’t living there.  He has a patient who believes in all urban legends, particularly one about the Pig Man, a butcher eaten by pigs while wearing a pig mask that kills people in their bathrooms when they say, “Here piggy piggy piggy.”  Sounds a lot like Bloody Mary actually… Ben gets the guy to try it in the Murder House bathroom and that conjures…one of the dead nurses.  The guy tries it at home and doesn’t see the Pig Man.  He sees some dude who broke into his house to rob the place and guns him down.  So, really, no Pig Man.

Maybe this Murder House likes urban legends…

OK, as for Violet, Constance asks her to somehow convince Tate that he’s dead.  Tate doesn’t know he’s dead.  Constance has her own psychic, too.  Will Violet help Tate?  Er, maybe not.  Tate is a creepy stalker type.  Plus, she finds a lot of ghosts in the basement, two of which she probably knows personally.  She doesn’t want to do this.  Heck, she tries to kill herself with some pills and Tate saves her life by forcing her to throw them up.

Nobody gets out of the Murder House that easily!

Oh, Constance gets a final message from Addie through that psychic.  It could have been generic and silly, but then “Addie” says she’s glad she didn’t die in the Murder House because Tate scares the crap out of her.

I just love italics sometimes.

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