Geek Review: Three Identical Strangers

So, I had a nice three day weekend, and Friday was a little rough, so surely I could spend it with nice trip to the movies!  And what better thing to start my weekend with than…a documentary?

Well, both Watson and MoviePass have been saying good things about Three Identical Strangers, and only one of those wasn’t trying to push me to buy a ticket for its own financial benefit, and I trust that person.

The documentary opens with a flashback as a young man goes off to college in 1981 and is surprised to learn people there already seem to know him.  That leads him to an identical brother.  And then another one turned up.  All three were adopted by separate families and they became something of a media sensation for a brief period.

Except that wasn’t the whole story.  That’s, at best, the first third of the film.  See, as the poster said, someone knew they were triplets, and yet they were still separated for some reason.  Why?  The filmmakers try to offer answers, interviewing as many people involved in the story as they could, and the tone of the documentary changes as necessary.

Now, Watson has already covered a lot of my points.  It really helps that the people they interview early on are great storytellers and compelling people with a tale to tell.  I will add that much of the early investigation came from journalist Lawrence Wright, the man behind the excellent book and HBO documentary Going Clear about the church of Scientology, and that gave the film a little more weight for me as a viewer.  Even if you’re not into documentaries, this one is one to check out.  10 out of 10 tonal shifts.


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