Doctor Who “The Survivors”

So, yeah, I am really trying to see why the Doctor is so important here.

See, the Doctor wanted to explore the metal city so badly, he sabotaged the TARDIS himself.  Of course it’s fine, and of course he didn’t need to leave the TARDIS.

Then he lets Ian swipe the part from him easily, and even though it might not be too hard to swipe it back, he lets Ian take over.  What does Ian want to do?  Rescue Barbara from…

…the Daleks.

Yes, the Daleks, those monotone guys who want nothing more than to kill everything they meet in those small mailbox tank things, evil aliens more ridiculous than threatening, and yet the Doctor’s primary antagonists.

And here they are for the first time.

What’s going on?  Well, the Doctor and his group figure out they’ve received a deadly dose of radiation, and the Daleks want information,  It seems they want to war with a rival race called the Thals on that planet, and because of the radiation, the Daleks claim any remaining Thals would either be hideous mutants or have some kind of anti-radiation medicine.  Like, maybe, the glass tubes someone left outside the TARDIS?

Anyway, the Doctor manages to negotiate permission for one person to go back to the TARDIS to get the anti-radiation drugs, and he and Barbara are both really sick.  This being before someone came up with the “regeneration” concept, of course, both of them could die.  Ian maybe could go back, but he tried to run from the Daleks because he’s a dumbass and his legs were paralyzed.  He can’t quite walk yet, the TARDIS’ key is too complicated to use without training, and he sucks.

Seriously, the show seems to be trying to set him up as the lead since he’s an adult male in 1963, and, well, he’s boring.  The Doctor may be a mischievous asshole, but at least he has some personality.  Personality goes a long way.

What that means is, as the Daleks argue over killing the party anyway, Susan has to go to retrieve the drugs despite being scared of…whatever touched he before.  And as she dashed terrified through the forest because she’s only 15 and probably old enough to get married in some states, she’s a helpless female in 1963.  What did you think she could do?

Well, she does get back to the TARDIS and does retrieve the drugs, so she may not be that helpless after all.  She does seem braver when she decides to go back.


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