YouTube Selection: Wisecrack’s “Why Thanos Changed”

Last week, we saw the release of the most recent movie in the MCU, Ant Man and the Wasp.

But some folks aren’t done talking about Thanos from Infinity War.  The folks at Wisecrack are among those who aren’t done talking about him yet with their video “Why Thanos Changed”.

Wisecrack does a lot of stuff with philosophy and philosophical ideologies, and this time around they take a look at Thanos for the character’s entire history, hypothesizing that there’s a good reason for Thanos in the movies no longer seems interested in literally courting death as he did on the printed page.  See for yourself, which includes a suggestion on a way to beat Thanos connected to why, well, things went the way they did this time around.  Oh, and obviously the video contains spoilers.

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